Refraction: Non-Building Structure Revisited 


metal stud, window screen, aluminum tape, yellow light

10’h x 12’w x 10’d

Refraction: Non-Building Structure (Revisited), 2010,

Mending Infraction, 2010, and Somites: At Some Point in Amount, 2009 are large geometric compositions that sit somewhere between traditional sculptures and installations, but they also engage with other aspects of liminality. 

They use construction materials – window screens, wall studs, metal lath for plaster walls and ceiling insulation – that typically occupy the spaces between domestic and public life, artifice and nature, safety and insecurity. Our dwellings demarcate all of these spaces and my work engages with the interstitial spaces between them. 

In Refraction, the screens enclose spaces to
which viewers have no access, while the wall studs build a form that surrounds a space in which no one could live. 

In Mending Infraction, the sharp lath remains exposed rather than enclosed in plaster,
while nevertheless forming an inviting space for viewers. 

And in Somites, one must walk amidst the rafter insulation, being struck by its intense chromaticity instead of being unknowingly covered by it, as in the typical house. 

My use of spiral, twisting, and Möbius forms in some of these works also suggests a middle ground between human biological forms, natural forms, and constructed, geometric forms.

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