Photo-Kinetic Grid


brazed chain link fence, acrylic tiles, video cameras, projectors, and light

room: 18’ H x 40’ W x 20’ D

All of the color is generated by the strained camera-projector cycles in which subtle chromatic cues are enhanced by rapid feedback of visible light. Small movements of the grid, and even the reflections of spectators in the silver see-thru tiles, can also affect the loop and thus the form of the installation.

This piece opens up new liminal spaces for investigation. Cameras produce images that could ordinarily be nothing but records of what something else is like. Deployed like this, however, the image plays an important part in making the work what it is. The kinetic feedback opens up that unstable space between images as records and images as things that change the world.

The work here is not just the fence and tiles, or the projectors, cameras, and light, but the living assemblage of all of them. In that sense this is a kinetic work, in constant, evolving motion, even though most of its concrete parts are still.

project statement, Sculpting with Light

courtesy of the artist, commissioned by North Carolina Museum of Art

You Are Here: Light, Color, and Sound Experiences, April 7 through July 22, 2018 at North Carolina Museum of Art, Raleigh, NC, USA

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