Unwoven Light


brazed chain link fence, plexiglass, natural and artificial light

room: 15’6” H x 44’ W x 40’ D

We see only what light reveals. In doing this, however, the light itself stands aside. We don't notice light when looking, so much as the things light allows us to see. This piece explores light's potential as a structural element in sculpture. The woven form of a chainlink fence, fitted with diamond tiles, unweaves the light. Now we can see it -- the light -- in purple shadows and yellow-green reflections that both mirror the shape of the fence and restructure the space they inhabit. Fences and panes of glass are porous boundaries. They divide yours from mine, inside from outside, but both let the light pass through. Here these boundaries don't divide us, or the space we occupy; fences and glass divide the light. We pass among them as they force the light to show itself: to inhabit and structure our space.

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video: Unwoven Light by Walley Films

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